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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Interesting facts about Global warming

global warming
Earth is above freezing temp only coz of vapouring effect in the atmosphere

Most of global warming is due to vapours of water, CO2, oxides of nirtroius , CF2Cl2 , and these all comes form AC machine which we use in our residense

CF2Cl2 sould be reduced atleast within in 20 years form now ie 2009 to lower the global waring

Residential, Industry, Transportation, Commercial, Agriculture makes most of global warming

second cause of global waring is CH4, with comes form farms

ice and snow will not allow sunlight to enter so that they can reduce global warming

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Interesting facts about Robots

Now a days every work is done by robots...if we concentrate and see that robots done the work which man is doing. for example hand of human is related to cranes, or some kind of lifting robots, and leg is related to
some moving robots say wheels or some robots having legs.

So other interesting facts about robots are...the robots while designing should be done in following 5 rules in which 4 and 5 are newly added. so guys keep in mind while designing the that robots should not destroy is the laws

Law of robots

1. Robot should not hurt human being in any cases
2. Robot should obey humans, but not as said in law 1
3. Robot should think itself, but follow first two laws
4. Robots must procreate , but follow first 3 laws
5. Robots must have sixth sense, ie it should know that

im a robot