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Friday, December 23, 2011

Interesting facts about stars

We belong to a galaxy ( cluster of stars)  namely milky way which is merry-go-round shape.

All stars are basically fire balls which is made of gases that produce both light and heat.This is because of the nuclear energy. The same energy which is used to produce electricity.

The star is born from dust and hydrogen.  Which spins and become the hot glowing prostar( beginning stage of star) . Then the prostar starts growing nad it glows for millions of year and becomes a red gaint. Then it begins to die.

Iron is produced due to heat inside the star and it acts like a sponge and soaks up the star’s energy which causes the huge explosion called as supernova.

Did you know : Our sun is the youngest star. The next star nearest to our earth other than sun is proxima centauri which is 1.3 billion KM away from earth.

Did you know : Still our peoples make drawings by connecting the stars at the night. And many astronauts follow this specific shaped star clusters for direction identification.:

Interesting Facts about Gravity

For a long time you cant keep your arms raised up. After sometime it begins to hurt. This is because of the gravitational pull of the earth. This is also sad to be invisible magnet

Even Sun and moon have gravity. Every bodies in the universe has gravity . Only they are distinguished by there amount of gravity

Did you know? :  The moon revolves around the earth. This is because of gravity of the earth and tides occurs in sea which is because of moons gravity pull on earth

Example : The ball point pen cant be used  upwards to write because of gravity which pulls the ink to the other side of the nib

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Interesting facts about astronomy

There are peoples who look up the sky every time and analyze it even at nights. These peoples are called as astronomers. This study of astronomy is called as astronauts.

These astronomers study the space looking for stars, planets, comets etc

And some of them keep watching the space faraway using telescope which is available in both handy size and also in the size of bus, and some of them being laboratories, analyze the rocks (meteorites) and sample which they have brought from moon and other planets.

Some of them do this as a hobby and they are called as armature astronomers

Did you know: “it will take 5 hours for a beam of light to reach the farthest planet Pluto “and imagine you all know the speed of light ?..its 299 792 458 m / s..!!!!!!!!

The word astronomy is derived from geek (Which means star or arrangements)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Interesting Facts about Anna Hazare

  • He is an Ex-Army man who fought for India in indo-pakistan was in 1965
  • He took up and build a village name Ralegaon Siddhi in Maharastra . You can think that lot of them do it. But this village is not at all dependent on the government. They have their own basic needs to live
  • He is awarded the one of the biggest award of India padma bushan fo r his social activities
  • He is leading the team to destroy corruption in INDIA
  • You know what will happen if we bring back the black money to India
  1. India will be the Richest country in the world
  2. Our due in world bank can be closed 70 times
  3. India will have the strongest military and defensive force in the world
  4. About 2000 hospitals with free medicine can be opened
  5. Electricity will be free 
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Friday, June 3, 2011

Interesting Facts about Google MAPS ( Street View )

We have surfed the maps through out the world to find the locations in google maps. Google have now introduced the

"street view in google maps"

. This was a awesome service which google have given to this world

The interesting this is that how they made this street view. They use to fix cameras in 360 degree angle on a car, bycycle etc and drive it through out the citites and locations to implement the street view. Some of this is show in the pictures below.

We know that Google is the only office which every person loves to work. Because its like a home being at goggle office. Google provides 20% of the working time for their employees to do their own project. For which they found orkut, goggle video etc and a lot. In this street view employees took their own bicycles for street view with 360  cameras attached.

They have been now trying to implement this views into the worlds famous museums and other indoor places. This is really a mind blowing works of google Engineers. Click on the below image to see the post in google website.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Interesting Facts about Tsunami( Japan Disaster)

It was a bad day for land of rising sun. It was detected earlier  so most of the peoples where given alert.

We sit back and see these things in our channel thinking we are safe at home . But is it true that we think so?

But this is not new to japan peoples. They face earth quake once in 7 years. Japan is between Eurasia , pacific and Philippines. There are lot of possibilities for earth quake in japan

But this kind of huge disaster have already been faced by Japanese in 1923. there was a earth quakecalled kando which madethe biggest disaster in japan before 1326 years which was in japan history. But it was only 7.9 ricter but now they have faced 8.9.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

DiD you know that?........Interesting Facts

1. Vijay Malaya one of india’s corepathi have won the bid of Mahatma Gandhi belongings in united states and donated them back to India… sweet isn’t it…………?

2. There are 1011 multi millionaires in the world. In which only 14 are women.

3. During the last recession some of the corporate companies switched of their air conditions for cost cutting…oops….. sounds bad right?

4. Then if someone gets heart attack tell them to cough repeatly this will relieve them

5. At last they have found a car that runs in water(details will be in next post)

6. Gajendra thaba a man from Nepal get the place in guiness world record for worlds shortest man. He Is just 67 cms in height . In 2010 oct he celebrated his 18 th birth day

7. Americas white house is changed to pink color because for the world breast cancer day is coming which have pink color code. This was an idea for Mrs Obama.

8. Ratan TATA have donted 200 cores rupees for hardward business school in which he studied.