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Monday, March 21, 2011

Interesting Facts about Tsunami( Japan Disaster)

It was a bad day for land of rising sun. It was detected earlier  so most of the peoples where given alert.

We sit back and see these things in our channel thinking we are safe at home . But is it true that we think so?

But this is not new to japan peoples. They face earth quake once in 7 years. Japan is between Eurasia , pacific and Philippines. There are lot of possibilities for earth quake in japan

But this kind of huge disaster have already been faced by Japanese in 1923. there was a earth quakecalled kando which madethe biggest disaster in japan before 1326 years which was in japan history. But it was only 7.9 ricter but now they have faced 8.9.


Anonymous said...

you cant spell worth a shit

25interestingfacts said...

Nothing New happened with Japanese, they have been faced lots of difficulties from many years like earthquakes, Tsunami. Some large Animals like elephants hear the noise of tsunami and move in the opposite direction they gives you the best Information About Tsunami.

Anonymous said...

biggest understatment ever!!!
'it was a bad day for the land of the rising sun' lol