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Friday, June 3, 2011

Interesting Facts about Google MAPS ( Street View )

We have surfed the maps through out the world to find the locations in google maps. Google have now introduced the

"street view in google maps"

. This was a awesome service which google have given to this world

The interesting this is that how they made this street view. They use to fix cameras in 360 degree angle on a car, bycycle etc and drive it through out the citites and locations to implement the street view. Some of this is show in the pictures below.

We know that Google is the only office which every person loves to work. Because its like a home being at goggle office. Google provides 20% of the working time for their employees to do their own project. For which they found orkut, goggle video etc and a lot. In this street view employees took their own bicycles for street view with 360  cameras attached.

They have been now trying to implement this views into the worlds famous museums and other indoor places. This is really a mind blowing works of google Engineers. Click on the below image to see the post in google website.


Jack said...

That's really awesome..

Philip Morris said...

now that is awesome