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Monday, October 1, 2012

Interesting Facts about Mark ZuckerBerg ( Founder of Facebook)

Question :
what is internet?

Kids: Internet is google
Teens : Internet is Facebook

          This is the impact of these two web giant. Now I am presenting you some interesting Facts about how Mark zuckerberg created Facebook.

Mark was a Harvard University Student.  He was a very  Brilliant Programmer and It was a time that he was thinking about to invest his knowledge in a project. At that time in Harvard University the id of the students can be accessed by all the students with their pictures. Mark got an idea and collected their pictures and created an application called Facemash. The concept of this application is there will be two pictures of the students and the user has to pick who is Hottest?  Here is the snap of that application

 That was very interesting and it ended with 22000 votes and about 6000 users viewed that application and it was great win for mark and he was popular of his new application. Harvard University was about to dismiss him, but at last they warned him. It was the first victory for Mark.

Mark was having friendship with an Brazilian Investor Eduardo Saverin who was about to invest money for Mark .At that time he was celebrating  his win on Facemash. But  Eduardo Saverin’s Father saw Mark drunk and told not invest Money for him.

                                                   Eduardo Saverin

Then a twins Tyler and Cameron hired mark for their project and they forgot to sign a contract with him. At that time Mark was working on facebook in the background. ( After the popularity of facebook , twins booked a case against Mark that he have stole their idea. And this case still doesn’t have a solution.

At last facebook was launched in 9 universities and student with those university was connected to each other. About 6000 users was using the facebook with in the campus.

Then Mark was very popular and media people was rushing to Marks Home. He told that now I don’t have sever for future users have to invest more to make more users to login . Then he flew to California and there formed a new team. And his new investor was Parker. He got lot of contact and his investment grew to 2crores to 11crores dollars. Then it was open to the world and there was 30 Lakhs users at the beginning .

Then he was called to America most popular interview and there he was questioned about the privacy of the users. Mark was tensed and he was sweating but he did not give a single answer about that.

At that time a film was also made with the story of facebook. He was in feeling bad that his image was spoiled . So he announced 10 rC dollars donation for a charity and this made him more popular again.

Mark used to work 18hours a day and he placed his headquarters for 73 Cr Dollars.

And other interesting thing is that he was only having a rented house and he was living a simple life. A photographer followed him to prove that this is wrong . But he failed coz Mark truly lived a simple life.

He won the person of Year in Times Magazine

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Interesting facts about how they tracked Osama bin laden

The First hint for the US was a car which goes to that abandoned house frequently. This car then goes away long miles to send and email and to make a telephone call. This was the thing which alerted US army.

Then the satellite was focused on that house. Once a man came out of that house and they was not sure that it was Osama.

They made a calculation.  They first collection Osama’s height then they analyzed it with the photograph taken by the satellite. They calculated the angle of satellite and calculated the height of his shadow in the photo and time of the snap and the result gave more than 70% possibility that it was Osama.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Interesting Facts about Panama Canal

interesting Facts about Panama Canal
  • Boats have to pay to cross the Panama Canal. A cruise must pay 60000 pounds to cross this canal.  A man named Richard Hallibuton paid the lowest toll of 22 pence when he swam the length of canal in 1928
  • A ship travels for about nine hours in Panama Canal and its 82 kms travel.

  • If panama canal is not there then ships should travel 80000 kms more.
  • There is an interesting lift to lift the ship higher and make to float in other side of the canal. This functions as follows. The ship is locked inside a big tub like area and water is filled into it so the ship comes upward and make it float in other side , vice versa the water is removed from the lock and ship lowers to other end, It’s a simple machine right??

Interesting Facts about North America

interesting facts about North America

  • More number of Dinosaurs Fossils where found in North America

  • North America is the third most largest country (includes Canada, United states  and Mexico)

  • Asians were the first to live in North America.

  • Scientist believes that people from Asia crossed over to Alaska more than twenty thousand years ago and then moved southward.

  • The first Europeans were the Vikings who settled in Greenland in 900s. Then is 1492 explores from other parts of Europe began to arrive.

  • North America includes countries Canada, Greenland, Mexico, United States, West Indies and Central America.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Interesting Facts about Wild Life

  • We all know that spiders lives everywhere, Even under water. Those spiders which live in water are called as “diving bells” because they build bell shaped webs which traps air bubble which makes spiders to breath.
  • It is said that the chameleon’s eye was the inspiration for inventing military turret( Revolving tower )  which can be found in top of tank.
  • King cobra hiss sound is much lower than other snakes
  • A gorilla named koko has learned some basic American sign language.
  • Lion’s tongue is rough  enough to lick human’s body skin.
  • Many people call the panda a “panda bear”, but for a long time scientists weren’t sure if it really was a bear. Today , in spite  of some non bear traits , the panda is usually classified in the bear family.
  • One special behavior that humans are great apes share in the ability to recognize themselves in the mirrors. The only other animal know to do this are the bottle-nosed dolphins 
  • There is a bridge in Austin , Texas US ., that provides a roosting place for Mexican bats. More than a 1- lakhs bats at a time makes this bridge as their home.

Interesting Facts about Taj Mahal

  • Shah Jahan also planned to built a tomb for himself but he can’t build it because he was imprisoned by his own son.

·         Twenty thousand workers worked for 22 years(1632-1654) to build Taj Mahal which became one of the wonder of world.
·         Actually we all know Taj Mahal as symbol of love but
·         Mumtaz was shah jahan’s 4th wife out of his 7 wives.
·         Shah killed Mumtaz’s husband to marry her.
·         Mumtaz died in her 14th delivery
·         He then married Mumtaz’s sister

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Interesting Facts about Valentine' s Day

Hi friends … Wish u all a Happy Valentine’s day. Here are some interesting facts about valentine’s day.
You know that in the world women are the one who purchase more gifts on this day than the men. Next to Christmas this is the day in which gifts and greeting card sales goes to the peak in USA.

Only in Europe countries its said to be valentines day , but in most asian and other coutry its is said to be lovers day and a day which its meant for  proposing their love and to celebrate.

Saudi Arabia , Iran , Pakistan and Malaysia have warned people for celebrating this day.( OMG…!!!!!! I wont go there )

In some countries they have a dress code to find the love status of the person. The dress code for 2012 valentines day is as follows

  • If person wears red dress is said that he/she is already in love

  • If in pink or rose that person is free and single.

  • If in orange that person is waiting for one for him or her

  • If in yellow the person is only ready for friendship

  • If blue that person is on the way to propose

  • If green that person have accepted the proposal

  • If purple that person is not interested in love

  • If in white that person says do not disturb me.

  • If grey that person love is already broke up

  • If black that person says proposal is rejected