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Sunday, January 9, 2011

DiD you know that?........Interesting Facts

1. Vijay Malaya one of india’s corepathi have won the bid of Mahatma Gandhi belongings in united states and donated them back to India… sweet isn’t it…………?

2. There are 1011 multi millionaires in the world. In which only 14 are women.

3. During the last recession some of the corporate companies switched of their air conditions for cost cutting…oops….. sounds bad right?

4. Then if someone gets heart attack tell them to cough repeatly this will relieve them

5. At last they have found a car that runs in water(details will be in next post)

6. Gajendra thaba a man from Nepal get the place in guiness world record for worlds shortest man. He Is just 67 cms in height . In 2010 oct he celebrated his 18 th birth day

7. Americas white house is changed to pink color because for the world breast cancer day is coming which have pink color code. This was an idea for Mrs Obama.

8. Ratan TATA have donted 200 cores rupees for hardward business school in which he studied.