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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Interesting facts about burj khalifa ( burj tower)


This burj khalifa is the higest man made building structure build by emaar


And now it has been holding the below guiness records of the world

highest i.e tallest building in the world

highest i.e free-standing structure in the world

leads in the number of stories in the world

leads in # of floors

logestest distance traveling lift(elevator)

tallest service elevator

highest observation deck

other important features of burj khalifa are:

there are nine hundered home(residence) inside

there are thirty seven floor for corporates

armani hotel occupies one hundered sixty rooms for guest

armani provides 144 private homes inside

Some of burj buildings design features

This design was the insipiration of the flower "HYMENOCALLIS" which is shown

Hymenocallis burj khalifa dubai

The following five research was made for the building

Architecture test

- for the doing Y shaped structure which is perfect for best
aero dynamic for tall building.

wind tunnel testing

- more than fourty wind tunnel ttesting was made for burj

floor plan

- lots of reasearch and studies were made to allocate floors for

armani hotel, stories, corporates, residence, deck, parking and more...


- was made by a chicago company called Skidmore and the team leader

was award winning man for design Nada Andric.


- more than thousands of art works were made inside burj dubai

Monday, February 15, 2010

Interesting facts about april 1(april fools day)

April Fools  day april 1
The origin of this aprirl fool day ( all fool day) is when a king changed the new year date from april 1 to january 1..but still some of the people was celebrating the new year on april 1.

in this day every will have fun of making everyone as fools

this is a day to enjoy with kidding other

another important fact is that google make some fake announcements on every april fool day

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Interesting facts about italy

One of the worlds beautiful city ROME is in italy

Lots of architecture are there in italy. Some of its follows

venice in italy

coliseum rome in italyItaly_Leaning_Tower_of_Pisaorvieto in italy rome

Worlds fav food stuff pizza was found in italy

In italy tewenty percentage of the populations are above sixty five years old.

da vinci was born in Italy

The worlds most famous racing cars such as ferrari , lamborghini is produced in italy