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Friday, December 23, 2011

Interesting facts about stars

We belong to a galaxy ( cluster of stars)  namely milky way which is merry-go-round shape.

All stars are basically fire balls which is made of gases that produce both light and heat.This is because of the nuclear energy. The same energy which is used to produce electricity.

The star is born from dust and hydrogen.  Which spins and become the hot glowing prostar( beginning stage of star) . Then the prostar starts growing nad it glows for millions of year and becomes a red gaint. Then it begins to die.

Iron is produced due to heat inside the star and it acts like a sponge and soaks up the star’s energy which causes the huge explosion called as supernova.

Did you know : Our sun is the youngest star. The next star nearest to our earth other than sun is proxima centauri which is 1.3 billion KM away from earth.

Did you know : Still our peoples make drawings by connecting the stars at the night. And many astronauts follow this specific shaped star clusters for direction identification.:

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Anonymous said...

A star that have just started hydrogen burning is called protostar, proto- means "first" in old Greek :)