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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Interesting Facts about Panama Canal

interesting Facts about Panama Canal
  • Boats have to pay to cross the Panama Canal. A cruise must pay 60000 pounds to cross this canal.  A man named Richard Hallibuton paid the lowest toll of 22 pence when he swam the length of canal in 1928
  • A ship travels for about nine hours in Panama Canal and its 82 kms travel.

  • If panama canal is not there then ships should travel 80000 kms more.
  • There is an interesting lift to lift the ship higher and make to float in other side of the canal. This functions as follows. The ship is locked inside a big tub like area and water is filled into it so the ship comes upward and make it float in other side , vice versa the water is removed from the lock and ship lowers to other end, It’s a simple machine right??

Interesting Facts about North America

interesting facts about North America

  • More number of Dinosaurs Fossils where found in North America

  • North America is the third most largest country (includes Canada, United states  and Mexico)

  • Asians were the first to live in North America.

  • Scientist believes that people from Asia crossed over to Alaska more than twenty thousand years ago and then moved southward.

  • The first Europeans were the Vikings who settled in Greenland in 900s. Then is 1492 explores from other parts of Europe began to arrive.

  • North America includes countries Canada, Greenland, Mexico, United States, West Indies and Central America.