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Friday, July 17, 2009

interesting facts about watch--Eco Watch

Technological revolution has gifted as many gadgets which have totally changed the ways of living. Previously it was the regular wall clocks, alarms and wrist watches that used to work on batteries, later there are more sophisticated versions which worked on Solar power and finally the latest mantra being chanted all around the world is eco-friendly living !!

Bedol (what's next) company has come up with the most innovative design of a clock, which was never introduced before. Yes , it is 'Eco Watch' which strangely works on water that is mixed with a splash of lime juice.

No batteries and chemicals and no more winding it to work every morning or waiting for the solar cells to get charged up. Add water and watch it working for 6 to eight weeks non-stop and the best part about it is that the time is lost while changing water as it has an inbuilt memory chip.

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