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Thursday, August 20, 2009

interesting facts about cricket

# A match between Barbados and British Guyana in 1946 saw an over with 14 balls in which there were no wides or no balls ! The 8 ball over was in force and the extra six deliveries were due to umpiring miscounting !!!

# SUNIL GAVASKAR was so ill tempered that his parents had to take him to a psychiatrist to check up if there was something wrong with him.

# In a test match in Faisalabad in 1997-98 ,Mushtaq Ahmed was bowling to Pat Symcox.Symcox missed the ball,which went on to knock the middle stump.However,the heat had fused together the bails and they did not fall.Symcox went on to make 81,his second highest test score..!!

# SHAHID AFRIDI used a bat borrowed from Waqar Younis to score the fastest century in a One-Day International.!!

# FOUR STUMPS !!!! -- An experimental game was played at Lords in 1963 to look at the effects of adjusting two features of cricket : the size of the wickets and the LBW rule,in order to create a wicket of width 11 inches rather than 9 inches,four stumps were used in that trial match..

# The only law of Cricket that has not had any changes or modifications,is the length of the pitch..

# Which style of play is known as 'MANKAD'? -- The running out of a non-striking batsman who leaves his crease before the bowler has released the ball is calle 'MANKAD, It is named after VINOO MANKAD , an Indian bowler,who used this method controversially,in a test match.

# It was a county match in 1946.After two overs had been bowled,Len Hutton,who was fielding at slips asked the umpires to check the length of the pitch.The check discovered that the pitch was 24 yards lng instead of 22! Then the match was restarted on a correct pitch.

# Sachin Tendulkar is the first batsman to be dismissed (run out) by using the television replays by the third umpire, Jonty Rhodes was the fielder. Next day,in the same test match,Jonty Rhodes was given run out by the umpire.This time the fielder was none other than Sachin Tendulkar.!!

# During a County match in 1986,a batsman hit the ball and ran three runs but dropped the bat in the process. The bowler picked up the bat. When the ball was returned from the boundary,the bowler stopped it with the bat ! For fielding the ball with any other substance than the person , the penalty is 5 runs. So the batsman got eight runs in that ball.!!

# Which cricketer faced the first ball in One-Day Cricket??Geoff.Boycott was the one who faced the first ball in One-Day cricket. Graham Mc-Kenzie was the bowler.

# In a World Cup Match in 1975, Gavaskar batted throughout the 60 overs & scored only 36 runs . India lost to England by a huge margin of 203 runs.

# In the first ever Test in 1877, Australia beat England by 45 runs. 100 yrs later,in the Centenary Test ,the result was exactly the same.!!

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Mrs and Mr G said...

Jonty via Andrew Hudson ran Sachin out with the help of 3rd umpire. But Jonty was not run out in that test match and not at all in the next three test matches! In fact umpire Bucknor did not refer to the third umpire in the 2nd test match when Jonty was clearly run out thus giving him another 'life'.
Please correct the same.

icc cricket worldcup logo said...

Tom Graveney of England and Australia�s Barry Jarman captained their respective sides in just one Test and never led again.

Anonymous said...

this is amazing thank for uploading on google