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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Interesting facts about PIXAR Animation Studios

Pixar animation studios was individually  started in 1956 before that they were in colaboration with disney.

Their first movie was in black and white in a way of scribbling ,

Pixar was developed by a 11 old men so it they were called  as “ 11 old men team”.

First 2d animated movie was made by PIXAR.

First movie with sounds by PIXAR and Disney was SNOW WHITE in 1937.

Interesting Facts about Apple Products

Gifting: If you need to surprise your loved ones with gift, apple products would be a best one because now you can engrave anything in your Apple products like ipod, ipod shuffle, Mac laptops etc. You can engrave cute sayings, birthday wishes, Fun words on apple products and gift them.

Here is some sample of engraving.

Nike + ipod : Apple and nike have introduced and sensor kit , which can be placed in your nike shoes and that sensor kit will be sending signals to your Apple devices form which you can find how fast you are runiing and how far you are running

Apple products at gym : Those sensors can be compatible with machines in gym and can calculate your work outs, and your calories loss.

Something about ipod nano :

If your ipod nano gets hanged dont worry there is trick to restart .." Press the center button and menu key at the same time for 10 seconds.. then your ipod nano get automaticalty restarted ".