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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Interesting Facts About Names

Gabriel, Michael and Lucifer (more commonly known as Satan) are the only 3 angels to be named in the bible.

The original name for the butterfly was 'flutterby'.

Interesting Facts

Names of the three wise monkeys are: Mizaru (See no evil), Mikazaru (Hear no evil), and Mazaru (Speak no evil).

Elton John's real name is Reginald Dwight. Elton comes from Elton Dean, a Bluesology sax player. John comes from Long John Baldry, founder of Blues Inc. They were the first electric white blues band ever seen in England- -1961.

The letters KGB stand for Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti.

ABBA got their name by taking the first letter from each of their first names (Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny, Anni- frid.)

Bingo is the name of the dog on the Cracker Jack box.

The Mongol emperor Genghis Khan's original name was Temujin.

The most popular boat name requested is "Obsession".

The Canary Islands were not named after a bird called the canary. They were named after a breed of dogs!

Ethernet is a registered trademark of Xerox, Unix is a registered trademark of AT&T.

Duddley DoRight's Horses name was "Horse."

The name of the legendary Lady Godiva's horse is Aethenoth.

Abe Silverstein, who headed NASA's Space Flight Development Program, proposed the name Apollo for the space exploration programs in the 1960's. He chose that legendary Greek name because the virile Apollo was a god who rode through the skies in a magnificent golden chariot. The precedent of naming manned spacecraft for mythological gods had been set earlier with Project Mercury, also named by Silverstein.

Trivia is the Roman goddess of sorcery, hounds and the crossroads.

The name "cappuccino" was given to the drink, because the froth peaks resembled the hoods of Capuchin Monks.

Sailor, Dead Leaf, Paper Kite, Blue Striped Crow, Julia and Great Egg Fly are all names of butterflies.

Interesting Facts

The name for insect poop is frass.

It is possible for any American citizen to give whatever name he or she chooses to any unnamed mountain or hill in the United States.

The ship, the Queen Elizabeth 2, should always be written as QE2. QEII is the actual queen.

Jack is the most common name in nursery rhymes.

"Jaws" is the most common name for a goldfish.

In some (maybe all) Asian countries, the family name is written first and the individual name written second.

Barbie's full name is Barbie Millicent Roberts.

Earth is the only planet not named after a pagan God.

The three best-known western names in China: Jesus Christ, Richard Nixon, and Elvis Presley.


Anonymous said...

[The Mongol emperor Genghis Khan's original name was Temujin.]

That's because Ganghis Khan was his title. It means "Great Conquerer" in Mongolian.

Anonymous said...

Temujin is also the name of a Naruto movie antagonist who wants to conquer the shinobi nations...