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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Interesting Facts About Time

Earth is gradually slowing down. Every few years, an extra second is added to make up for lost time.

Interesting !
Millions of years ago, a day on Earth will have been 20 hours long. It is believed that, in millions of years time, a day on Earth will be 27 hours long.

The length of time it takes for Earth to orbit the Sun is 365 and a quarter days. To make up this extra quarter which isn't counted at the end of a year, we have an extra day every four years on 29th February.
This year, 2008, is a Leap Year. The next Leap Year will be in 2012.

Facts is that A day on Mars is about half an hour longer than a day on Earth.

There is no time at the north/south pole as all time zones fall in to one place making it impossible to define the time !!!

Every day is about 55 billionths of a second longer than the day


Ainsley said...

well i hope your facts about time are right cos i need it for a very important project at school! so if there nmot right i blame it on this website

Ainsley said...

i hope these facts are right i am using them for a important test and like a projet thing so they better be real and like true known facts ok?

lokanauth 5926090996 said...

therefore meditate on the one who had created time for everything both gross or subtle like time came from someone or something but not nothing. he can be represented by time because it is so mysterious.