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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


When it comes to dating, office romances are a hot subject. Some work out great, some create bigger office problems, and some are banned by company regulations. Here are some fun and interesting facts about office romance:

» The author of the book "The Office Romance" estimates that approximately 8 million people enter into a relationship with a coworker every year.

» A seven year study by a Swedish researcher, Yvonne Aberg, found that coed work environments are dangerous to marriages. Studying 37,000 employees worldwide, the research showed that the divorce rate of couples who work in a coed environment is 70% higher than the divorce rate of couples who work in a same-sex environment. The study also found a "contagious" effect when it comes to divorce. There was a 43% increase of the chance of a married person getting a divorce if 1/3rd of his or her coworkers had recently gotten a divorce.

» More future spouses will meet at work than neighborhood settings, social settings, or school according to a study from the Bureu of National Affairs in the late 1980s.

» Working close to those of the opposite gender affects the potential of an office romance because those you work close with are the ones you share life's information (and confidences with). Over 90% of reported office romances start in the same building versus adjoining offices.

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