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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mercedes Interesting facts

The three pointed Mercedes star represents Land, Sea and Air.

Alfred Neubauer is the name of the Mercedes racing team’s manager, who led the team in 1954-1955.

J.M.Fangio was the only driver to compete in all races for Mercedes in the 50s.

Mercedes made its F1 debut at the 1954 French Grand Prix.

Mercedes made its comeback in the 1990s with Sauber.

Norbert Haug is Mercedes motorsport boss today.

Ilmor is building the Mercedes engines nowadays.

Mercedes have won 35 Grand Prix titles as constructor.

Frentzen was the last German to drive for Mercedes in F1.

The first Mercedes car had 35 BHP.

Mercedes and Benz merged in 1926.

About 20 million Mercedes cars have been sold in the past century.

The Mercedes car is named after the daughter of its first buyer, Emil Jellinek.

DaimlerChrysler is the name of the company today, which owns the Mercedes marque.

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